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1920s cocktail dresses

November 12, 2017 Chapters Bookstore...just getting my knowledge on the Late David Bowie and I grew up listening to David Bowie and enjoy pretty much every song he ever sang til the day he died. Of Course Bowie himself was always one with the love for Glamour and in the 70's was on the list of Glamour Rockers with bands like Mott the Hoople in which he wrote All the Young Dudes and did with, and in the 80's He phased out his Glamour and started dominating the charts even better especially with his big top hit Lets Dance, and Bowie himself was also at the centre of controversary especially with specilations of Gay relationships in which he always denied but I think because of the way he dressed people just wanted to be judgemental about it. I also never forget his remake of Dancin' In the Street He did with Rolling Stones Mick Jaggar for Live Aid. In 2016 2 days after He turned 69 the world lost David Bowie. He of course was married twice and the one He always kept him going was his wife Iman til the day He died. That was one Til Death do is part relationship. 1920s cocktail dresses