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Neffy is back at the EC for the weekend. She's tolerating the nasal feeding tube fine, and Dr. P doesn't think that a permanent tube is necessary right now (and may even be too risky because of the anesthesia).

Kidney numbers are still coming down, but she's now a bit anemic, probably secondary to the kidney disease. No need for a transfusion yet, but if her red cell counts don't come up, it's still on the table. She's also developed some oral ulcers (also probably secondary) ... that are being treated with lidocaine and antibiotics.

The best news, though, is that I may be able to take her home on Monday. I'm going to go visit with her for a bit tomorrow and Sunday, if possible.

EDIT: Related, but I finally got the prescription for Sheppy's thyroid medication to go through, three weeks after it was ordered, and I should be getting it tomorrow. Blaming AT&T for this one. The pharmacy has called me multiple times and left multiple messages, but I received none of them. Best Selling Prom Dresses 2020

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