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Dorris Wedding midi sleeved wedding wears in knee length

Ever try to quit smoking "Keanu". I failed 50 times, but succeeded. The easiest way to give up smoking: 1st, make it an inconvenience to smoke(ex. everytime you smoke wash your hands and brush teeth immediately). This we can do, but it makes smoking less attractive and pain in the b**t. Start doing this as prep to the day you stop. 2nd, have a reason or cause to stop(ex. it can cause cancer or knowing St. Jude kids didn't have a choice or someone you may know). 3rd, find so ... meone that you know who is giving up smoking or in the process of not smoking, trying to give up(in my case it was chewing tobacco). If you know someone who has given it up or going thru it. It will give you strength to know you can do it. The old saying, if they can do it, you know you can do it. But, it only takes three days for nicotene to leave the body. But, it takes months to get past the constant reminders of our daily routines, that remind us of our smoking reasons. Alcohol has always made me go out and chew. So, you got to get past the drinking and needing a cig. I suggest having a friend take you out and get you slushed without cigs. this will prove to you in your submind that you can drink, without the need to smoke. Once, past that part, it sure makes it easier. Or take yourself to a tropical island for a month and pay someone to make sure you dont smoke. I gave up chewing, but it was not easy, but you can do it. Trust me. Dorris Wedding midi sleeved wedding wears in knee length

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