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Dorris Wedding red and black color prom pieces

I am really tired of the apartments up on central drive, well early this morning there was a shooting on whrilaway and central, it more then likely came from the Mexicans house or the rustic village thug ville , it should be a requirement while them apartments are HUD that no one in there own any guns, and if you did not know the folks in there are 94% black 1% white and 5% Mexicans, this is a injustice, and they all came out of highland park & there other areas in that location, some don't start trouble but most of them got the right to free shit mind set, and don't want to earn money they want to lie cheat steal it, from honest working Americans, but the american people are tired so. That it takes so long to put someone in custody, we are arming our home's with cameras and our selves, please push cameras. Dorris Wedding red and black color prom pieces