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I love my home. I am safe, comfortable, and content.
It's small - an efficiency apartment for independent living for seniors over 55. I have a beautiful view of the mountains and moon, sunrise, killer sunsets, and peace. I always have music and aromatherapy to welcome me. The staff at the facility are so helpful and good.

I never planned to live in Nashville - I was led here to live near my son and participate in medical research at Vanderbilt Hospital.
I am in grave pain every day. I have traumatic brain injury. It tires you and wears you down. On those moments I go out on the lanai/balcony and look at the mountains. They bring me back to "me".
I am so fortunate my son tends to me every Saturday. He travels every week working with the Chamber of Commerce for economic development. He loves his job and has worked in 49 states - he will save the best for last - beautiful Alaska.
I only have one room - bedroom and living room combined; small kitchen with no stove, oven or dishwasher. The ceilings are so high since it is on the top floor. I have all my cherished paintings and photographs all around me. My life story is on my walls. I love my cherished paintings of the island life. So many of you have kindly sent me aloha treasures to make me feel I'm still back home on the 'aina.

When I am not in the hospital, I have mega hobbies to help distract my pain. I love my creative and adventurous facebook friends. Your posts of travels and new babies mean the world to me.
Living here at this facility, we have 3 healthy meals each day, and enjoy the good menus and friendships made in the dining hall.
I spend my days with jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, quilting and making things. For entertainment, I watch the old game show network, so I don't hear the news, and I see people winning prizes and money. We have free travel to shop, and go to doctor appointments. They have activities every day if we want to engage with the fun. Our apartments are very quiet and pet friendly.
I have a few cancers and tumors to aggravate my brain. My brain swells and pulsates deeply, so I use ice and Tens therapy. I love my privacy. We have lobbies on each floor and nice laundry rooms. We have housekeeping once a week. It is so helpful. We have choirs and various church services. They make the best chef salads and other entrees.l
Due to my recent treatments, my brain cannot sleep - the polio infusions cripple my tumors from spreading into the blood stream or bones. We should have this treatment approved by the FDA within a year, so all can cripple their tumors. I will live with the tumors always, but we hope to keep them stable and they don't enlarge. I also have skin cancer, MS, and other neurological challenges.
The Vanderbilt University campus is so welcoming with old buildings, and the hospital facilities are located in various places but they have bus transportation if you need to visit with another physician. Superb facility, on the cutting edge of research.
I miss my life in Hawai'i every day. Hawai'i will always be my home and my heart. I divert my homesickness by living in these mountains and trees I've never seen before. Autumn has been beautiful - all the colors. But, I find myself looking forward to December and the first snowfall!! I can't drive anymore, but access ride can take me down to Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry, waterfalls and lake. The mountains draw me in, just as the ocean did in Hawai'i. Dorris Wedding semi informal large size gown below 100
Just ending the # gratitudemonth # November with reflections and a peaceful heart.
Mahalo / Thank you for inspiring me every day. Thank you for helping me detach from my pain. Thank you for being my mountain!
Me ke aloha pumehana, aloha po!