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I said this on Snapchat and got overwhelmingly great responses so I'll say it here too.

Everyone go Google "CRISPR"

It is a new, groundbreaking project in the field of genetic engineering that could actually change the world. ...
And it puts an end to the whole Vaccines vs Autism thing...

Read on if you're interested, or just Google and find out for yourself!

To put it very, VERY simply, CRISPR is a process used inside of bacteria cells to cut out Virus DNA and destroy viruses by tearing their DNA apart.
However, scientists figured out you can "program" it to tear up and destroy any time of DNA strand you wish.
So they tested it on Rats that had previously been infected with Herpes.
The rat's blood cells were mostly corrupted, with about 99% of all blood cells containing the Herpes virus.
They programmed CRISPR to cut out Herpes, and a few weeks later, the rat's percentage of cells had decreased to only 48% infected.
Let that sink in... a PROTOTYPE of CRISPR killed nearly half of all the Herpes cells in the rat's body..
If they can improve CRISPR (which they already have) They might have just found the cure to Herpes.
But since this works on a DNA level, it can also be used on virtually anything.
CRISPR can (in theory) re-write immune system cells to be able to find Cancer cells.
It can cut away genetic deformities.
It can delete generic and hereditary diseases, like sickle cell anemia.
(all, of course, in theory).

And if you're stupid enough to believe vaccines cause autism, I have great news!

Not only is CRISPR -not- a vaccine, it can also potentially cure Autism. Literally.

Right now, CRISPR has made a genetic breed of mosquitoes in a laboratory that are IMMUNE to Malaria. That means they CANNOT carry the malaria virus. If this project gets green-lit, thousands of Malaria-proof mosquitoes could be released into the wild and pass on their dominant gene to the rest of the population, killing the disease once and for all. Dorris Wedding teal color pieces for formal occasion

And since reading this post roughly 2-3 children have died to Malaria (based on the average reading speed of Americans) and in the time it took me to -write- this post, roughly 12 children died of Malaria.
So I think its worth it.

Seriously, go research this shit. It can change the world.

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