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The people I want to read this probably won't. But, I pray you do and try to understand. I pray you will listen. People are saying the football players should not do what they are doing. They are not doing it to disrespect service members. It's about some bad cops killing unarmed black men. Also, a black woman died. President Obama was having the justice department look into it. Now Trump comes along and stops the investigation. He also told cops they need to treat p ... eople they are arresting rougher and use more abusive tactics. This is what they want changed. They startled "Black Lives Matter" Still not many cared. They get mad at them for marching trying to bring about change. They would say "All lives matter". Well, of course all lives matter. But, unarmed white men are not being killed every day. If they were things would change fast. They have met with local police, nothing changes. They have tried so many other things. Still, unarmed black men are being assassinated in the great USA. What this had to do with Service Members is these football players are exercising the rights these Service Members fought for. The constitution these Service Members Swore to Defend. There are many Service Members that are United with these NFL players. The "national anthem" is a racist song that was written by a slave owner. it says they are glad slaves die for trying to get free. These players are protesting during it on bended knee. Still respecting this racist song. Kneeling because a Green Baret told them to kneel instead of sit. He said kneeling is what soldiers do for the fallen, so they kneel. Still being respectful for this racist song. Still, people don't see the injustice. Dorris Wedding wedding garments with lace with affordable price
They don't try to see what they are doing this for. They have tried many other ways to bring attention to men getting murdered. But, no one listened. Men are being assassinated for not using a turn signal to change lanes, for selling single cigarettes to people in front of a store...
One shot in the back. That's why they started "Black lives matter". Not to say ONLY black lives matter. To call attention to some cops deciding that they will be Judge, Jury, and Executioner. So, people were mad at this always saying "all lives matter". Not listening to what they were trying to say. Not helping to make a change. So the football players started kneeling. Again, it's not what you want to allow them to do. Not what you think is appropriate. Even though many Service Members are kneeling with these men. Many of you have never once brought up the people who were killed by police. Again, it does not matter. All that matters is your perceived slight. How you feel about the protest. Not what they are protesting for. Your not listening once again.

In the words of Don McLean:

"How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen
They're not
List'ning still
Perhaps they never will."

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