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Dorris Wedding wedding pieces with removable skirt

Please watch this video, it's so informing and holds such a diff outlook for life and what he did here was inspiring. A lot of people don't understand what is really going on here when players and people take a knee during the anthem, yes for some it's a sign of disrespect but think about it. Really think about it people. This is a way to show awareness. I'm not gunna preach here, rather show you a different point of view on this. People kneel not to disrespect the flag and t Dorris Wedding wedding pieces with removable skirt ... he soldiers who fight for us, it's not to disrespect the country and our vets, it's to show that what this flag represents isn't all there like freedom and equality. Sure we have freedom to some extent especially with the right to protest and free speech but where is the equality? Where? Dig deep into this. People kneel for awareness and for change, for equality and for a better America.

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