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DorrisWedding maternity and pregnant wedding dresses

Okay so Ima post this cause is hilarious, this biatch hahaha calls my man and tells him he better pay for some phone bill shit home girl ur stupid lol anyways to get things clear she did say let's meet up and yes I said no y? Cause she said she was 2 weeks pregnant hahaha who tf finds out they're pregnant at 2 weeks and then gets abortions oh sorry I mean miscarriages anyways we have seen each other plenty of times what this girl do?? She puts her head down yup baby girl bow ... down all the times when u went to the house weren't u hiding in the car lol cop caller me?? Didn't even know about u going in to his house and stealing the rings that He paid for lol but ok trying to blame me and shit lil thiefer haha oh and last but not least fake profile um yeah that's all u wait who's Jacob and mason ohhh yeah that was you.. you didn't make my post public I did dumbass.. and then u say u don't stalk my profile haha how u get my post then lol pendeja serio oh wait one more one more yes I am on food stamps but I also work full time hahaha I got proof u were on food stamps to so shut the fuck up want me to post that one?? DorrisWedding maternity and pregnant wedding dresses

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