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DorrisWedding modest formal wears for lds and mormon

To the girls out there,
"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

What it means:
If you have a guy who disappears when things get tough and reappears when they get better, he's not worth keeping.


What it doesn't mean:
Treat your man like crap and if he sticks around maybe you can treat him a little better.

And to the men out there,
Please do not use this quote to excuse her nonsense, it isn't the reason for the quote. You can't use it to justify for her bad behavior toward others or yourself. If she doesn't treat you with the respect that you deserve, just leave, because no woman should treat a man like crap and no man should have to put up with it to "earn" her best behavior toward him. No one should have to "earn" being treated with respect and consideration this way. DorrisWedding modest formal wears for lds and mormon

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