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DorrisWedding vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

Sad seeing alot of girls on my facebook out here getting excited about getting their childs baby bonus cheque like its a fucking opportunity to go get booze and weed and w.e other drugs you guys do and getting your nails done and new make up fast food as well as nice exspensive brand name clothes new shoes pretty much just spending their kids money on themselves and having their kid up in ratty shitty looking clothes with like next to no food and then be like awe im broke i ... need help like a week later trying to pawn shit to get money or making people feel bad for them or be like hey can you help me ect noo that shit needs to stopp its not for you its for your damn child to go on

*rent roof over the childs head
*clothes on the childs back
*food to go in your childs stomach
*bottles/baby snacks/bibs/formula/shoes
*baby toys/

Just some examples the list is endless i may not have a child of my own but iv had my fair share of raising some so i know its alot of time and effort and money if your going to open your legs to have sex and end up pregnant then grow the fuck up and take responsibility raise your child dont just half ass it and blow what is suppose to be their money on your self because you wanna look good and want nice things thats not how it is and thats not how its supposed to be so many shitty dead beat moms out there taking their kids/babys forgranted when some woman my self included cannot not even have kids of our own shitty feeling iit is to know this but then see shitty moms out there with a child/baby they dont deserve grow the fuck up your a parent a role model to all the goood moms out there doing this shit right good for you same goes to all the single dads out there keep it up all i have to say this shit just pisses me off DorrisWedding vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

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