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DorrisWedding wedding party wears for bridesmaids

Monat offers 5 excellent Shampoos. How do you know which is the best for you?

5 shampoos, all designed to gently cleanse your tresses of products, residues, environmental pollutants & toxins, without stripping away the good stuff your hair needs to look and feel its best. Renew Shampoo, Revive Shampoo, Intense Repair Shampoo (repairs your scalp), Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, & The Champ Dry Shampoo.

Renew Shampoo is for Hydration


Revive Shampoo is the shampoo you want when you desire bombshell volume. Revive is designed with fine limp, lifeless hair in mind and is on a mission to increase volume, bounce, vitality & brilliance.

Intense Repair Shampoo is for those who want fast growth.

Black 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for busy, on the go, short hair. The best cleansing & conditioning in a single bottle saves time and steps. For hair 4 inches or less in length, if you have longer hair, pair with a rinse out conditioner for the perfect solution of soft, supple, moisturized tresses.

The Champ Dry Shampoo does a better job without any damaging talc or drying alcohols than other dry shampoos out there.

Every Monat shampoo is formulated with rejuvenique oil intensive to nourish & protect your strands. Every rinse out shampoo is formulated with the growth encouraging & enhancing ingredients leaving your strands clean, hydrated, protected and nourished. With continued use you can expect less hair fall, which means reduced thinning, and increased density, meaning a longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking head of hair. Depending on your hair goals, and your daily styling choice, one or all Monat shampoos offer the perfect solution to your needs. DorrisWedding wedding party wears for bridesmaids

-Deverne Augustus
Hairstylist and Monat Mentor

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