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Modest Prom Dresses 2020

yeah we got a scarf set hijab and niqab black from malaysia - an islamic country. not much clothes in this box but we looked in it. took some photos - burqa is made in peshawar pakistan - forest green. that's a set hijab niqab set from malysia we never took it out clearly. the burqa's under there too in plastic. still wrapped partly at least- we didn't take it out though. the light green's a sash well it's like a coin belt with sehll shells though. indonesia sold as a swim suit cover up or it is an islamic coutnry so t's maybe belly dance too but they don't really run around in a shee see thru belly dance coin belt do they with tassles on it and shells- it's like a net. it's like maybe a scarf out there and belly dance maybe. scarf belt maybe. we like islamic clothes. we had to get used to it people in usa all they kow how to wear is- ? if it is along skirt they think itust be slit all the way up!!! no! poor people wear long stuff short stuff rather. we never had a logn skirt really- jean one once. it is thought of a sppoor people clotehs here, too. they sell the stuff and all and who knows what they want them to wear it for- they run naked out there on vacations at the beaches. they'll not wear it like we would. a shirt is a tunic shit is a tunic shirt but htey sell it as a dress. we'd put on a skirt with the thing. we had a lot of those swimsuit cover up's in this style in many colros but many may be in the trash now!!! you could belly dance in them. it's like it might make a good belt for over your tunic top with a long long skirt or something. we didnt' have a whole whole lot of colors but we had some- dark blue and ? just we had some orange - not sure what all colors we had in this item. got them from an import store in on the internet. it isn't on ebay or they may be now, but they have a website and we first found them on amazon but that store kicked us out. Modest Prom Dresses 2020