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champagne color cocktail party collections

# spreadlove2017 opportunity. Get your tissues ready...
I would like to introduce you to 9 year old, Tamber. She and her Daddy are temporarily staying at the Gadsden Homeless Shelter, where we take Christmas gifts every year. (This is a long term shelter that helps them apply for jobs, secure affordable housing, and teaches them how to budget). We had the pleasure of meeting this pretty girl when Amanda N Randall , Ryan and I took Thanksgiving dinner to them.

Tamber is the sweetest, most spunky little girl I've ever met. She is so loving & friendly, and has a personality that will fill up any room. The shelter director sent me a text the day before, and told me Tamber and her Dad had come to stay, so we took her a small gift bag with candy canes, m&m's, and a small notebook and pens. I told her that Santa asked us to bring her this, and have her write down what she'd like to have for Christmas. I assured her I'd make sure Santa got her list, which got her very excited!

So we all sat down together at the kitchen table so she could write down her list. What she did next made me have to choke back the tears. I told her to write down anything she wanted from Santa. First she said she wants a puppy once she and her Dad get their own house. Then she looked at me and said, "Can I write down something that someone else really needs please?" I said of course you can. Then she wrote down that a lady at the shelter needs winter clothes. So then again I told her to write down what she wants from Santa. It took me ten minutes of probing to get this little girl to name something she wanted for herself, and stop naming things for others. She finally wrote down that she wants a pretty pageant doll. Then she said she needed to write down something very important, and wrote down that her Daddy needs a new spine. (He is clearly disabled, but I'm not sure of his whole story yet). Again, I'm choking back the tears. So I start probing her again about other things she might like for herself. She wrote down that she needs a new pair of shoes, size 7 & 1/2. Then her Dad spoke up and said Tamber loves Mermaids. She lit up when he said that. I also asked what her favorite things to do are. She said she loves to draw. She also said her favorite colors are pink and purple. champagne color cocktail party collections

After our conversation, she then proceeded to hand out the candy canes we brought her, to everyone else at the shelter. She even insisted that we take one with us. Then she hugged me and thanked me, and said she can't wait to see me again.

Since Thanksgiving, I spoke to the shelter director again, and found out there is now also a 9 year old boy named Ayden. Below are sizes for the kids, and things they're interested in. Please help us give these precious children a good Christmas. I'm also posting again below, the list of items needed for the 25 adult's gift bags. Please drop off donations at HIGH Maintenance Salon . Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to donate. You are making a huge difference in these folks lives! # spreadlove

Tamber - 9 yr old girl - loves Mermaids and drawing, and wants a pretty pageant doll. She wears size 10/12 girl's clothes, and size 7& 1/2 shoes. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

Ayden - 9 yr old boy - loves Monster Trucks, camouflage, and anything to do with hunting. He wears size 10/12 boys clothes, and 7 & 1/2 to 8 in shoes.

Adult List...we need 25 of each item:
Blankets (the $2.50 ones at Wal-Mart are perfect!)
Body wash
Hair brushes/combs
Hair ties
Back packs
Also any used clothing/shoes/purses/jewelry, etc, that you'd like to donate are always appreciated. They love "shopping" through the bags of donated items. So clean out your closets! :)