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Homecoming has it's benefits!!!...Talk to strangers!

Those of you students skipping out on Homecoming, (thinking that you got 4 years of this and you don't need to participate now because you got so many years left later), better rethink that proposition=because in our day and age these natural disasters are happening more and more to disrupt that cycle. Illness stemming from those disasters is abundant because of overpopulation. Funding, wearing thin, so you may miss out on ... this vent when you need it the most! These are activities that are meant to bring everybody together and have fun with what we used to do as "battle week". It wasn't based on parties and themes of yachts and I don't know what the heck else is going on with PTA. It was about being proud of our school colors & what all of our mascot choices represent in a fun week where we could Bend all of the changes that were put upon us without our consent for 1 week! Push the envelope to spark fire beneath our wings and win the game by distractions! It was a way to meet new friends and new people so that we would have a team ourselves going through those four years!!! It had nothing to do with dating that's for sure! We showed up in groups by neighborhood & was the one-week where everyone got along and if they didn't they were removed for safety reasons! United we stood, (for decades!), and we came back to see how everybody was doing. coral mother of the bride dresses

[My Son asked me a very valid question, as to where all my friends are now and I couldn't even,... I still can't... engage in that type of a defensive answer. They knew I had to dedicate my life for you and we all disbanded and Scattered across the country and in doing so 70% of my actual friends that I have built up throughout the years are dead due to changes or we lost touch due to mileage. 20% became so successful I can't even compete monetarily with them just to be able to hang out with them because I was the one who got left taking care of all of my family! The rest of them succumb to what's called a nationwide epidemic and I cannot expose my child, nor myself to that abusive behavior. I refuse.]

So while you're trying to be creative and get your opponent's attention for a great game, which helps you alleviate all that stress of all these changes that have been put upon you, get on that floor and dance it out nobody cares what you look like. They just want you to have a ventilation of frustration so that you can go back to classes knowing full well I'm not just a "wave", ( especially not one that says bye easily, ;) ) I'm part of an my career.

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