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empire style wedding wears with high waist

Mid 90s - I remember how miserable I was - joints hurt, reflux disease, high blood pressure, just beginning to learn what cholesterol was and mine was high, constant backaches, metabolic syndrome, borderline diabetic - and the hits just kept on coming. I remember being absolutely desperate to do something about my weight - if I could only find something that worked!!! Because I had tried everything more than once! I thought the gastric bypass in 2003 was the answer. It did so empire style wedding wears with high waist ... lve the immediate weight problem but even that was not a permanent solution and it introduced other issues I will deal with forever.
Finally in 2016, God sent an answer that I believe will finally be a permanent solution. By replacing all those Habits of disease with Habits of Health, staying accountable thru health coaching, being involved in a healthy community and with the encouragement and support of my free health coach, I believe I have the tools to continue to create health and fully enjoy all those activities I was never able to participate in before. And I am truly thankful for that!

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