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Q/ Brother, can you love someone you never met before, hoping you will meet them one day?

A/ If it's the Will of God, Yes.... We love God with all our hearts, we forsake everything for Him, but have we ever seen Him face to face? See? But we hope to see Him face to face one day.

Q/ how will I then know its him?


A/ First pray to God, and if you feel you can't live without him, then its him... But if you still feel you can live without him, then it's not him.
Sometimes God won't give you visions and dreams to know its him, *Sometimes God will stir up the deep love in your heart for that brother, and you will just find yourself in a situation that without that man, then you will remain single until death*... Its the Samething to us brothers. floral printed style wears for bridesmaid

Q/ But what if my pastor says No?

A/ well, you should first find out why pastor says no... Coz he's watching over your soul... If you get Biblical reasons of why he says no, *Then listen to him*... But if his reasons are just some insignificant laws of men, *Then better go to your man*.
Pastor has the right to guide you, *But has no right to choose for you, you choose for yourself*.

Q/ is it a must that I do wedding?

A/ its not a must, one thing is the Word in wedding ceremonies is when pastor joins you and vow before the people... But other things, are just men traditions... Its up to you, to do them or not, no offense.

Q/ And lobola?

A/ lobola is not Biblical, but pay it if they ask you... Its written, *Give to Caesar what's to Caesar, and to God, what is to God*.

Q/ Well bro, I hear we shouldn't look at the outward appearance?

A/ Who said so? Yes God looks at the heart, and so first we should look at the heart, but why did then God commanded us to keep our bodies holy as the Tabernacles of His Spirit? See? The outward appearance counts.
Sister, marry the guy whom your eyes see is the handsomest guy in earth.
*As for me, my woman is the beautiful woman on earth, I looked and looked, no woman even enter halfway of my woman's beauty... She's beautiful of heart and outside from her hair to the toes*... If I leave her for others, then I'm stupid, possessed with prostitute demons.

Q/ What if I don't feel love for him, although he's handsome.

A/ Then don't marry him.

Q/ And if my mother tries to convince me?

A/ Don't listen to her... She's not gonna be her wife, you're gonna be.

Q/ And if he's poor?

A/ Poor or rich, if you love him, marry him.... Its only God who knows about tomorrow... You don't know what that guy will be tomorrow.
So as long as He has Jesus in him, and you love him, marry him as quick as possible.

Q/ Brother Ardock, fiancee's pastor doesn't love me, he wants me to break up with her, and I love her, what can I do?

A/ Pray about it... And wait on God... Don't rush things, just pray and wait.

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