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long tight prom dresses

Hey social family!!

So I gave birth, along with my partner in crime Christina Dunn, to a little baby dream!

Every Runner Counts has been something I've often spoken about and dreamed of.

I am not a fast runner, but I run (and walk/waddle/skip/crawl) last year CIM was my first marathon (whoop whoop) and I trained for 4 months, lots of early morning long runs and pep talks and tears, and the day came and everyone rallied to give encouragement! (Thank you!!) the gun went, and we all began running, and running and running! I saw so many of my friends and family along the course (I'm from sac originally) that I honestly wouldn't change my first for anything, it was beautiful!

The only thing that upset me was seeing the water stations broken down at mile 13 (again I'm slow, but I embrace it because I'm still moving and grooving) so I send an SOS to some friends who meet me at mile 15 with water bottles. By mile 23 roads are open and I'm lost in downtown so I'm googling how to get to the capital building. And then at the 26 mile mark I see not only the building I'm looking for but a few friends who had been tracking my race via IG (I dedicated each mile to someone, so all day everyone could be in that mile with me all 26.2 of them!) so there they were, they walked with me to the shoot and then I ran to the finish line (that luckily was still up!) tears bursting through my eyes I finished! long tight prom dresses

I had company to cheer for me at the finish, but the 3 runners behind me didn't have anyone waiting at the finish line for them. So we cheered!

ERC is for every runner, but most importantly for the ones who never gave up.

I ran the SF full in July, and came into the finish line with NO finish line. Nothing. One person to hand me a medal and say congrats . That's what did me in. I felt alone amongst friends for the first time. I wanted to FEEL the roar of the crowd as you run through that finish line, And more importantly I never want anyone to feel as defeated as I did in July. EVER.

On Sunday ERC will be debuting. I have the pleasure to ride in the pace car to see the first runner finish, and I won't leave until I see (and cheer!!) the last finisher through the finish.

Please comment below if you're running! we will be posted up at mile 25, and want to hug each and every one of you!

Please also follow everyrunnercounts on IG and twitter as we will be doing updates all day long! And if you could share us with your followers, so they know we are here for each and every single runner that would mean the world to me.

Thank you all for supporting me, encouraging me and others to be the best versions that we can be!

Happy running!