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mint pastel wears for prom

Tooth pulled: So I had 2 people who came to me for relief for the pain and major infection with teeth being pulled. One had a serious massive infections in her mouth down to the jaw bone and spread into the eustachian tubes. This was the formula I used on both of them. The both reported 100% relief from the pain almost immediately, and infection clearing up within days. mint pastel wears for prom
Please know that I am NOT A Doctor and I am just sharing the experience of 2 friends of mine (and so many ... in the past, maybe close t0 100?) - here is the formula

In a small cup or bowl add together the following oils:

(I used veriditas for everything, of course, and suggest you do too. again, I don't own the company any longer but it is the only company I trust.)

6 drops Veriditas periodontal
10 drops of peppermint
4 drops of clove
15 drops of lavender (or better, lavender reserve)

Stir mixture together with finger. Apply generously to area and gums surrounding area. Use every 30 minutes to 1 hour for first 5 hours and then 3-4 times per day until pain has subsided. Just keep making mix and applying it until you have no pain.

best - mellie

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