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It's kinda nice to know all the pain I have been in isn't just in my head. From the pain in my foot, between the break the planters ficiatis and the heel spur, my back after the accident, my teeth hurting. I feel like I'm falling apart but it's not all in my head.

My physical therapist is happy with the progress I am making. I have 2 knots in my muscle that runs between my shoulder blade and my spine and up my neck as long as I keep progressing I may not need shots in my bac ... k.

I saw a different pain management dr and before he even looked at my chart my therapist was telling him about my pain and he looked at me and asked "were you in a car accident? I bet you were rear ended. Yeah we see this a lot." all of the back pain is from the accident. modest prom dresses under 100

The foot Dr is going to make incerts for my shoes to help with my pain.

And I go on the 8th of October to start the process of getting my teeth removed.

It has been such a long year of pain I'm just happy it's all getting fixed!

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