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Hello to everyone on my Facebook, I never post on here at all. I guess I'm here to ask for advice, help, tips anything really. My left side of my throat/neck/jaw has all swollen up. My tonsils as well. I have no white/grey spots in my mouth at all. It is extremely painful to swallow. I can't eat or drink anything without excruciating pain. My left lymph node has swollen up as well and is very tender . This pain started Friday and has got worse everyday. The only thing that h ... as gotten better is me being able to deal with the pain but even that is super overwhelming and depressing. I've seen the doctor 3 times. The first doctor I seen was at mercy hospital in the ER and he didn't swob me or anything but just based on my symptoms he assumed strep throat two days later I go to an urgent care as the pain has gotten worse and this time they swab me and I come out negative for strep throat as they told me it must be a virus in my throat where time must do it's course and let my body get through it. I was told That the anti-biotoics I was prescribed (amoxicillin) would do no help for the virus so I should stop taking them. I then went again to the doctors and got swobbed again for strep but also came out negative. The doctor still assume it is strep and told me to get back on amoxicillin. None of this is helping as I wake up everyday around 1 am and fail to be able to fall back asleep. I take hot showers and baths at 2 am because I don't know what else to do. The only thing to help with pain is ib profiene but even that only helps for a short amount of time before the pain comes back harsh. I lost 9 lbs since Friday, I'm unable to go to school, practice and have to force myself to drink water. I did all the at home remedies but the pain only seems to grow. At this point I am lost and depressed of the situation. And I don't know how to get SERIOUS help. I am not sick, I don't need to throw up, don't have fevers, have an appetite but can't eat. I don't know what to do online store wedding items with affordable price

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