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Village People At Work Again....
*****I woke up this morning, I quickly bathed and
hurried out to took a bike of 200 naira(last
money on
me) to the ATM stand and was surprised dat
there was no network, I decided to wait and for
like two
hours, it refused to work.
Dats how one witch lyk dat came to tell us dat
the ATM
on the other street was dispensing only to rush
to the
place and find dat it was also out of service..
I quickly went back to where i was coming from
and saw a very long queue of pple withdrawing
and like
30pple were ahead of me.....
When the number reduced to fifteen, the guy on
other line dat was keeping space for me was the
to withdraw in his own line so he asked me to
and take my place, I was glad and hurried there,
though pple were complaning but i just bone
them and
it got to the turn of the guy at my
front, it showed unable to dispense and before i
rejoin my line again, the line had multiplied by
and the time was already 1pm with the hot sun
above and i decided that come wat may
am not leaving my present row
Finally, to my relief after two hrs of waiting for plus figure long bridesmaid gowns
the machine to coperate, it got to my turn
and i brought out my card only to find out
It was my secondary school id card
*** Am now on my Way to our Village to beg
them cox
Yoruba adage says "Ojo ti aba ribi ni ibi
nwole" (The
day one no the root of the curse na d day the
curse go
*******Why! Why! Why!
.. What's my offence????
My Village people Abeg make una free me now..!
I charged my phone since 5am dat Nepa has
bring the
light.. .
After 4hrs, the light went off.. I was happy that
phone will be fully charged..
I went to remove my phone oo, only to find out
that it
was Earpiece I connected not the charger.. ..
Una don enter fire today o u winches..!
God will surely fight my battle ... ..
*****. E no easy to overcome village people oh
Imagine, my shop is about 40minutes distance
my house but na trek I dey trek am... .
Hmm, one fateful morning wey I don trek tire
shop na im I cum remember say I no pick shop
Chai! I wan cry but I keep am shaa because I be
I drop bag start to dey trek go house go carry
shop key. As I dey go house, I cum dey pity
myself wen
one spirit cum dey disturb me for road but I bone
am,dey trek go house..
As I reach house na Im I cum remember say I
forget house key for the bag way I drop for