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Stacy's Wednesday post:

We have one pitiful little guy here. It started yesterday. He started throwing up mucus (which is so gross by the way) and just crying and moaning. So no swim therapy last night. I'm sure none of the other kids wanted to risk swimming with a puker. Lol toddler prom dresses

He slept ok but his heart rate kept creeping up and that's a sign that he's sick. ...
Then this morning he was just miserable! He has a slight fever and still coughing and throwing up mucus. I feel horrible for him.

I had to cancel Zumba last week because I was so sick so I knew I couldn't cancel again so I called mom and dad. Of course they said they would watch him while I taught.

I felt terrible because it's the first day of the month and mom is pioneering this month and she had a long day planned. So she only watched him while I was gone and then went in the ministry. Thank you mom!!!! I love you!

Now I'm home and listening to a crying child. Breaks my heart. If he gets worse, off to the Dr we go.

Lots of snuggles today. And washing my hands and sanitizer and I'm drinking apple vinegar (because someone told me too) to try to keep from getting sick.

I'll update if anything changes. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Love you all.

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