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toddler wears for flower girl

The Toddler Chronicles: A Lesson on Perspective

This morning's events from tiny human perspective:

Omg! My mom SUCKS! She woke me up super early and was trying to put clothes on me! I was obviously devastated and traumatized, so I shed one glistening tear. Apparently that put mom in her place and she told me I could have chocolate if I got dressed! # winning


This morning's events from mama's perspective:

It's 7:15 and we need to leave in 15 minutes. I'll go wake up my pride and joy to get her ready (isn't she lucky to be able to sleep in this morning?!) Wake her up and she starts screaming at a decibel and pitch that is unattainable by even the most disciplined of opera singers. Coffee is still brewing and webmd diagnosed me with typhocus and I have 10 minutes to live. She whines some more and asks for chocolate! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I generally don't negotiate with terrorists, but the plague that is slowly consuming me has clouded my judgment, so what do I do? I tell her she can have chocolate if she allows me to clothe her tiny naked body so we can get out the door on time. I look back at her when we come to a stop light and see her grinning from ear to ear... clearly I lost this morning's battle. Then I realize that we left on time, with minimal tears from either party, and I made it to work, so I feel victorious all things considered. #winning toddler wears for flower girl

What REALLY happened:

Mom has a slight fever and sore throat. Small child whines for 2 minutes and mom is tired, so she gives the child whatever she demands to make the small child be quiet and put clothes on. They leave on schedule AND everyone is happy # doublewinning

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