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velvet fabric prom formal wears

I've posted these before
Letting these go for $5-$10 donations for the Walker County Fairy Godmothers.
These dresses are lovely but the bigger girl dresses push the limits of school dress code for county and city schools. The little girl dresses are nice but we focus.on Prom/Homecoming.THESE COULD BE FUN PLAY DRESSES TOO (thanks Patti Johnson <3 good idea)
Now, they maybe able to alter the teen/adult dresses somehow but we do not have the resources or money to do that. All donations for these dresses will help pay for the storage unit we have the other racks of dresses in that we allow girls to use when needed. I will be at our units tomorrow from 11:20am- about 1pm. If youre interested come look there are to many to post individually. Dresses are first come first serve. velvet fabric prom formal wears
Unit is located on Knight Road in Jasper. The road is across the street from Sonnys Fast Track ( orange and white) owned by Boshell Homes its called 4th Avenue Storage.

Ina Sharp-Schultz Judy Elliott would love to see y'all.