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I am here again to talk to university admission seekers. It is getting more clearer how some people with high hopes of admission may not get admitted this year.
At first, it was NUC that said not more than 500,000 can get admitted this year.
If my Mathematics is still right, that's less than 30% of the number of candidates that wrote UTME this year.
The admission crisis of this year is the highest so far since 10yrs I have been monitoring the admission trend. This write up is nothing but a deep heart-to-heart talk with people that care.
There are various factors working against the admission this year, some of which are internal while others are external.
The internal factors are of two categories- JAMB and UNIVERSITIES.
JAMB already made some schools re-compile the list up to 3 times due to bottlenecks observed. This reason should make applicants know that, this is not as it used to be. Even professors are not able to even know what the content of the approved lists of so many schools look like.
CAPS from JAMB is also a big internal factor that may affect so many aspirants this year.
I think gone are those days of TOM, DIK, JACK & HARRY saying they have their own list, which they normally use to exploit aspirants.
If you give money to someone this year for admission 'OYO' is your case.
For as many that wants to hear, they should, so that your hard-earned money will not end in beer-parlor or in the 'bom-bom of prostitutes' , well, that's cash distribution.
Some of the external factors affecting admission this year are the fact that people passed well-which makes the competition more accompanied by a reduction in cut off mark this year.
I had the opportunity to hear it directly from a JAMB official that aspirants need to have backup plans and tap into the unmaximised platforms for securing admission.
The statement confirmed what I have benn telling so many aspirants and they refused.
The definition of back up plans is to look for alternative means in case the unexpected eventually happens.
The unmaximised platforms refer to the same.
The explanation to this is simple, get enrolled into PRE-DEGREE, JUPEB, IJMB, CAMBRIDGE etc depending on the aspirant and course of study.
I need you to understand that waiting to write another UTME next year is not the best for you. This is so because JAMB already have a proposed two million applicants next year. The meaning of that is, the competition will be more tense, even more than this year.
The way out of this is to get enrolled into a quality A-Level school and get trained to write next A-Level examination.
This gives you lots of advantage.
Its clear that DE-UTME ratio is 1:10 which means for every ten admission, there is always one DE. Mathematically this is smart and a great opportunity because you get more chance using DE due to the fact that, the number of DE applicants are always far less than 10% of UTME applicants. vintage lace formal dresses
I will like to inform all aspirants that have not gotten CAPS notification to just secure a place for A'Level in case they don't get CAPS alert eventually, because the forms will soon close.
You can just get registered first and still wait for admission, if your name comes out, good and if not, u know you already secured something somewhere.
If a JAMB official can open up and say people should not put all eggs in one basket, what more do you want to hear.
Finally on this, I am not saying you should just go and enrole for IJMB/JUPEB/CAMBRIDGE anywhere o.
U need to find out about where you are going.
If you need information about how to identify where you can go that you will have success, just reach the A'LEVEL HELPDESK directly on 08189196258
You can call/text/WhatsApp, but don't flash.
I wish to see you in that dream school studying that dream course.
It is still possible. Talk to us and let's guide yoy free of charge (FOC).
You can forward this to someone or group of admission seekers you care about.

A'LEVEL HELPDESK 08189196258
see you at the top.