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I have an incredible vision for a science fiction masterpiece about time travel and apocalypse.

A suicidal schizophrenic with PTSD falls in love with a trans-gender, trans-species, psychotic hallucination as they search for a lobotomized lesbian zombie and the maniacal narcissistic sociopath who raped her. Meanwhile, a dying anemic with amnesia joins forces with an elderly gay con artist to free a magical priest with Down's Syndrome from the evil clutches of a homophobic man ... -eating Demon Pirate King.

In one reality, the schizophrenic is imagining the hallucination, in the other reality, the hallucination is a real person and he is schizophrenic because of time travel. The two realities can't exist, and the one that proves to be true will decide the fate of the universe. In one, time is a paradox and the world ends, in the other, the universe is all imaginary and nothing ever mattered anyway. vintage mother of the bride dresses

At it's heart,it is a tale of suicide and insanity, both of which lead to neverending Hell.

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