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Today marks a VERY special occasion... 12 years ago to this day exactly... I made her mine... # HighSchoolSweethearts

I was a senior, she was a junior... we were texting as friends that morning; 1st period was about to end. She's telling me about this boy who's been flirting with her... she thinks it's funny. Me... not so much for some reason.

She wasn't mine, we were just friends, but a rage of jealously was taking over the moment I read the text message of the other boy try ... ing to steal her heart.

Immediately I told her to tell him to leave her alone, "'re mine!"

She replies, "oh really? I'm yours?"

To which I say, "Yes! You're MY girlfriend now so tell him to stop flirting with you!" (I guess I tend to be a little possessive)

To my surprise... she responds: "OK"

Shortly after, the bell rings... I meet her at her class... and we walk to 2nd period together, hand in hand.

From there, it's been all uphill. # TooBlessedToBeStressed !

I have 3 crazy/awesome babies to call my own, I've got a beautiful wife who loves to serve, an awesome life of being able to live my dream because of the unmatched support I get from my queen!

Without this beautiful soul in my life, none of you would know my name.

I wouldn't have a business. I wouldn't seek to create a better life for others. I wouldn't have the drive you see day in and day out. I wouldn't have been able to overcome the challenges I've had with a smile without her. I'd be selfish, living life just for me.

She's been there during every single down in my life...

When my 1st car would break down almost weekly? She was there to help push it home.

When we lost our cars and homes... she was there to tell me everything is going to be ok and we're going to get through it.

When we got kicked out on the street by family... she was there without fail to keep our own little family together and kept pushing me to find success.

When our bank accounts would go negative, she'd push me to focus my efforts so we could get back on the right track.

Words cannot express enough how much I love this woman. My reason for breathing is because of her. My will to live is because of her. My passion to be great is because of her. My faith in a greater power is because of her love and ability to open my eyes to world bigger than me. wedding collections collections with colors

I'll never live up to the man she deserves in this life. I just hope one day I can come close, God willing.

Thank you for being there, being you, and being so beautiful...

HAPPY 12 YEARS, MY LOVE! # Anniversary

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