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Yesterday morning I woke up at 2 AM completely stressed about all the stuff I still had to do at work...I tried to read myself to sleep, but at 3 AM I realized it was futile, so I got up, showered, dressed, made my coffee and was ready to head in to work. When my husband asked what I was doing, it finally dawned on me that Graz died at 2 AM one year ago. He was nudging me awake, and wanting to share my morning coffee with him. I sat in my recliner and relished some fun memories of him...and I am sharing some of my favorite pictures...dancing at my nieces vow renewal 5 years ago....and sitting with sister, Mary and big bro around Christmas time. After my heart was full, I was able to rest another hour before facing the day. Of course, he was a little disappointed that I am still drinking Italian sweet creamer in my coffee...."I'm telling you, Liz, that stuff is going to kill you!" In any event, he is crazy missed, and of course, life goes on...birthdays, holidays, engagements, upcoming many blessings. Yet mixed with the many struggles life brings. I am thankful for all of you in my life who love me and all of you who knew and loved him. wedding hostess dresses