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BLACK FRIDAY: Or, Fangsgiving, the Day After

Poppa Histah, for all practical purposes, was asleep, though his eyes were wide open. That was because Poppa Histah, like most snakes, had no eyelids. But he could at least relax as best he could and that was what he was doing, his full belly and the tryptophan-laced turkey he had consumed, helping him to do the snake equivalent of a dozeoff.
It had been a good Fangsgiving and Poppa knew he had eaten too much. But the food was so good and he just couldn't stop--literally. No, he couldn't stop.

Poppa Histah let his thoughts drift back to that holiday meal.
Little Hissyfit and Hissteria, his snake daughters, had been promised turkey drumsticks and, true to Momma Histah's word, the bird was positioned on the table with the big drumsticks right between them. Kids will be kids, and the little girls had challenged each other to an eating contest. "Bet I finish before you do," said the older Hissteria to her little sister.

Starting with the bird's clawed feet, the two little constrictors had then started working their way up the drumsticks, inch by inch. However, there had been an unforeseen factor. The carving knife on the table had proven to be useless, since snakes have no hands and, unlike people, were not able to cut the legs from the turkey. So, when Hissteria and Little Hissyfit had finally pulled themselves all the way over the drumsticks, like stretch socks being hauled onto someone's swollen feet, they both bumped into the sides of the main bird and were unable to go any further. white lace prom dresses

Poppa Histah, meanwhile, had started at the head and was working his way down toward the white meat. Momma, with no other options, had made the turkey's tail disappear and was now consuming the rest of the back end.
Finally, Poppa had worked his way past the wings and he was halfway over the breasts when he bumped right into the heads of Hissteria and Hissyfit. Well, with a hungry snake, there's no turning back, and so Poppa just kept right on going, expanding his massive jaws even further to take in his kids as well, including the drumsticks they had already swallowed.

Momma, coming up from the rear, got her delicate nostrils tickled by the twitching tails of Hissteria and Hissyfit and thought about admonishing them but then realized that they would soon be quieting down.
Poppa was a rather large snake and also a fast eater, so, as only about three inches of his daughters' tails were left sticking out from either side of his mouth, he reached Momma's head as well and had no choice but to open a little more to make room for her.

So, not only did Poppa get all of the turkey after all, but he got some extra nourishment from his girls, although the amount of that they could contribute was negligible, and a whole lot of nourishment from Momma Histah herself. In all, it took Poppa about an hour to consume everything and everyone.
Then, he had settled down in front of the TV to watch the game, with the Diamondbacks against the Blue Jays. It was no contest, and so he was soon drifting off to La-La Land.

But now Poppa was awake. His forked tongue flicked in and out, testing the air. No, he wasn't hungry, but he was getting a whiff of the micemeat pie, which had not been touched by anyone, since there had been no one left to demand a piece after the main meal.
Poppa never seemed to be able to get enough of mice, probably because they were pretty small for a snake his size and catching, constricting and then swallowing one was hardly worth the trouble. But here was a full pie of them -- for him, one big bite. So, yes, Poppa decided he would eat the dessert as well, even though he was already quite full.

"After all," he said to himself, chuckling at his own little joke, "I am a pie-thon!"
Poppa made short work of the micemeat pie and then settled down for another sleepless nap.
"I'm going to have to rest up for awhile and digest all of this," he said to himself. "It's a little lonely here right now, but the good news is -- I won't have to eat again until Christmas!"