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First question - anyone like to guess what the wee stairs at the bottom of the bed are for?!

Sexin' Up The Suburbs - another 'weekend warriors' design masterclass. And a fun way to spend Saturday and Sunday...

Guess it's fair to say our before pic is self explanatory. Like many rooms of a certain, ahem, 'vintage', this one was well cared for, but OHHHHHHH so dreary. We got goose bumps, when first we wadered in...

Initial task: meet the clients to discuss ambition. Remove the (frankly bizarre) ceiling beams. Add a central light fitting and then wallpaper walls. Next? Paint window frames and trim in deepest ebony. Add Hunter Douglas blinds for light baffle and sheers for decoration. New Karndean Flooring flooring, a custom bed and a sea of new linens from Homesense Canada completed our 50 Shades Of Grey reversion. Job done? Please and thank you.

If you're not planning a full redo, but fancy a spot of upcycling - be inspired by our cabinet redo. We painted the old white unit black, then lavished the drawers with 'snakeskin' scraps which we procured from a wallpaper supplier (for free) having batted our eyelids for a good ten minutes. New hardwares completed the project. Simple, huh? white lace wedding dresses

We also manufactured a custom TV 'frame' to visually 'minimise' the hulk of 'tech'. NB - its construction (due to a retaining lip at the rear) doesn't interfere with venting or heat build up, and it can be lifted off should our clients wish to revert to the unadorned TV set.

A huge transformation - but, most importantly, a bag of fun to produce!